Our Mission

Our mission is to equip our learners with the necessary knowledge, skills and virtues to become ‘Life Ready Learners’ 

  • To equip learners with the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours to become ‘Life Ready Learners’.  
  • To be the leading 6th Form provider for students in the Calderdale region, uncompromising in our ambition to develop ‘Life Ready Learners’.  


We take a triangulated approach to developing life ready learners.  Through great teaching students acquire Powerful Knowledge, knowledge that they otherwise would not know.  We then aim to instil inward-looking values that define us as people. The four core Professional Standards that we encourage students to foster are: integrity, mental toughness, an attention to detail and work ethic, enabling students to reflect honestly on their strengths and areas of development as virtuous people. Lastly, students develop an outward-looking sense of themselves and the world through our Civic Virtues.  These virtues enable students to consider how best to be virtuous as part of a local, national and global community.   

Professional Standards:

Mental Toughness

gives us the ability to push through resistance and obstacles.

Attention to Detail

takes concentration- it can make the difference between achieving something good and something great.

A strong Work Ethic

is underpinned by discipline, hard work and motivation.


is a personal quality of fairness - consistently doing the right thing with a steady moral compass.

Civic Virtues

A core part of our personal development programme is our emphasis on civic virtues. This supports our students to develop an outward-looking sense of themselves and their engagement with the world. We have emphasise 6 core virtues: Wisdom, temperance, justice, courage, compassion, and service. Our students encounter these virtues in a range of contexts, and this encourages them to consider how best to be virtuous as part of local, regional, national and global communities. These virtues will enable students to articulate and engage critically with fundamental British values including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance.

We see the relationship between staff, students and parents/carers as a team approach; we are on the journey together and will do everything we can to ensure that students are happy and successful. The culture here is professional and supportive, and we believe in ‘tough love’. Sanctions still play a role in our pastoral support work and we find that students respond well to this approach.

You are challenged to aim high and work to the best of your ability at all times

To do the common thing, uncommonly well, brings success.
Henry J. Heinz

Ofsted Outstanding Provider
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