Guidance Meetings - FAQ's

1. What is a guidance meeting?

A guidance meeting is an opportunity for us to meet you and find out more about you. You will meet with one of our staff who will ask you a number of questions, not dissimilar to what you recorded on your original application form.

2. How will my guidance meeting be conducted?

Normally, meetings would be held in person at the academy. Unfortunately, though, we are going to have to hold the meeting over telephone this year because of Covid-19 restrictions. We will call you at a designated time. The meeting will last approximately 20 minutes.
During your interview we’ll tell you all about the subject area you’ve applied for so you can get a feel for the course you will be studying. We’ll also discuss how TSFA can help you achieve your ambitions. We’ll ask you questions about your motivations, interests and hopes for the future to make sure that we get you on the right path.

See below a copy of the questions you will be asked at your guidance meeting:

3. What do you need to send in advance?

You don’t need to worry about sending anything through. Your school will have forwarded us a TSFA reference form in advance of the meeting.

4. Can someone attend with me?

Our mantra at TSFA is ‘Life Ready Learners.’ With this in mind, we prefer it if you attend on your own. But if you’re feeling especially anxious about meeting our staff you can have a parent accompany you.

5. What should I wear?

We’d normally suggest wearing your school uniform or something formal. However, we will be hosting the guidance meeting over the phone so it doesn’t really matter! Wear what you feel comfortable in.

6. What if I cannot attend?

Let us know as soon as you can. Ideally more that 24 hours before your guidance meeting.

7. What happens after my guidance meeting?

We will be issuing offers from Wednesday 24 March. If you are successful in securing a conditional offer (that is an offer that is subject to you gaining our entry criteria and the specific entry requirements of the courses you want to study, on GCSE results day) we will assign you one of our Personal Progress Tutors who will be on hand to answer any questions you have and will keep you up to date with our latest developments.