Study Expectations

The life lessons at 6th Form are equally, if not more important, than the final outcome

We operate a full working day at Trinity Sixth Form Academy in line with our Professional Standards and our pledge to get students ‘life ready’.  We encourage hard work not just in lessons, but also in study periods, so that the 15 hours of independent study can be achieved without impacting too much on students’ additional responsibilities.

“You have the opportunity to have healthy debates and work in groups with peers.”

At TSFA we operate a 50/50 policy towards independent study.  This means that for every hour of learning you complete in lessons, you back it up with an hour of independent study.  For a purely A-Level pathway this would equate to 15 hours of lessons and 15 hours of independent study (totalling a 30 hour week). Achievement Centre sessions, achieve sessions and study periods all contribute to this.

The research that underpins our 50:50 approach to independent study is clear and supports our full working day policy but, as with anything, quality is what counts, so it is essential that each hour of independent study goes somewhere to being as high quality as the hour of lesson time that it supports.

Utilise the time most effectively by splitting your time between ‘Input’ of new information, ‘Understanding’ through recall practice and ‘Application’ of knowledge into some sort of challenge like an exam question or structured paragraph. Most importantly, set yourself up in an environment that is conducive to learning, avoiding all distractions (especially mobile phones!) wherever possible.’