Year 13 Padlet

As part of our ongoing commitment to Year 13 students education, we have been working hard to provide them with a careers’ focused resource with subject specific related activities for them to engage with and to help get them ready for their ‘next steps’. We have also taken into consideration the need to minimise footfall within the building given the current spreading of the Delta variant within our community and have therefore built these activities into a fully accessible online resource.

The Padlet itself contains three main areas in each subject:

  1. Something to Read: Subject specific reading lists compiled to ‘pre-teach’ key topics for University degrees closely linked to that subject, as well as plenty of personal recommendations from staff designed to enhance students’ subject knowledge and enjoyment of that subject.
  2. Something to Watch: A 60 second career path from every member of staff designed to allow students to recognise the many different ways in which they may find their final career and to appreciate the value of everything they do that leads to that discovery – hopefully they will find reassurance in the fact that no two stories are the same! To complement this there are many subject specific links to YouTube / online videos designed to get them thinking about their future goals.
  3. Something to Do: A series of challenges which seek to encourage students to do something purposeful over the summer break.