Behaviour and celebration system

Our Expectations – Professional Standards

To do the common thing, uncommonly well, brings success.
Henry J. Heinz

We expect students to have a voice and to know what they stand for as individuals.  We aim to show students what their capacity is so that when they leave us, they have the ability to cope with life’s challenges and pressures. For example, we have certain unspoken rules at Trinity.  In our open space in Sixth Form, students enjoy socialising with their friends, yet you will also notice that there is always an element of professionalism in how this is conducted.  Students work throughout the day; we do not have ‘free periods’, instead, we have ‘study periods’.

Students volunteer their time for extra Achieve sessions and can often be found voluntarily working in our Achievement Centre.  This level of self-discipline is developed carefully through our PPT and assembly programme and is modelled by staff at all times.  Principal’s Breakfast meetings are conducted bi-weekly to hear and respond to all student concerns.

Students and parents will be required to sign a home-academy agreement as part of the enrolment process.  This outlines the expectations of all parties; students, carers and staff at the Sixth Form.

Our attendance is excellent – 96.7% (2017/2018).  This is almost unheard of in Sixth Forms and is a true reflection of the commitment of our students

Excellent attendance and punctuality is the key to success at Sixth Form.  Holidays must be taken out of academy term time; taking holidays during term time can jeopardise a student’s place within Sixth Form. Punctuality is also crucial and forms a key component of the student/PPT agreement.  Sanctions are used for persistent lateness and unauthorised attendance concerns, which can result in places in Sixth Form being withdrawn completely.

We expect students to attend 6th Form daily, from 8.15am until 14.20pm.  We also expect students to attend Achieve Sessions as required and be in Sixth Form for a full working day.  Part of our culture relies on the fact that whilst in the building, staff and students should work hard not only in the pursuit of academic success but also in the pursuit of personal development.

The hardest things in life are often the most significant and rewarding

Teachers, tutors and PPTs, have an important part to play in promoting attendance and doing everything they can to maintain a good record amongst students.  A phone call to the academy explaining any student absence is essential and should be made before 7.30am via a parent/carer.  An email to the PPT and form tutor would also be beneficial. Religious holidays will be authorised but will count towards attendance figures.  Each student signs a contract during induction day which stipulates various agreements between the academy and the student; one of these stipulations is that students will attend the academy as much as possible, and will seek authorisation for any absences via a parental phone call.

The hardest things in life are often the most significant and rewarding and we see the Sixth Form journey as something big and something to be very proud of.  It is the stepping stone to success and happiness in the future and when we commit to the journey, we commit to it fully.  Our attendance target is 97% and has led the academy for the past two years.

All students are guided towards completing 15 to 20 hours of independent study each week. Research indicates that this is the minimum required to reach aspirational targets.  Our targets are set at the 90thpercentile, meaning that they place our students within the top 10% nationally.  We believe in modelling independent study by being prescriptive from the start about what independent study students could and should do.  Spaced repetition testing is used on a weekly basis as a method of checking, reinforcing and celebrating the efforts undertaken as part of independent learning, with the end goal being that students leave Sixth Form knowing exactly how to study independently, and having the discipline to do it properly.

Students must have all necessary equipment to enable them to learn and participate in classroom activities. Every student is issued with a Sixth Form note pad which can be used in any way they feel is beneficial. Students are encouraged to write ‘to do’ lists and engage with these lists on a regular basis.  The note pads also enable students to keep a log of all monitoring meetings with PPTs and class teachers.

Students are also taught how to use online calendars within the first two weeks of the new term. Students are given the opportunity to input all of their lessons, study periods, Achievement Centre slots and one-to-one sessions into their phone calendars and are instructed to refer to these on a daily basis.

Celebration assemblies are held during the last week of each double term (December/April/Leavers Assembly in May (Year 13) and Sports Day July (new Year 13).

What do we celebrate?

During these assemblies we celebrate student contributions from a professional standards point of view and from a progress/achievement point of view.  There are awards from every subject/ curriculum area (depending on cohort sizes) and from PPTs/form tutors.  Tangible rewards are not as important as the actual recognition that goes with the award.  As such, simple ‘rewards’ are issued as tokens of respect.  These include neckties, badges and flowers.  During the final Leavers Assembly of Year 13, we award the leavers with the overall Professional Standards Awards.  Here we award:

  1. Mental Toughness
  2. Attention to Detail
  3. Work Ethic
  4. Integrity
  5. Overall Professional Standards (A student who has consistently demonstrated all of the above)
  6. Excellence (A student who has excelled academically)

The past winners of the Professional Standards Awards:

2017 Winners 2018 Winners
Mental Toughness Joely Knight Olivia Fitzgerald
Attention to Detail Alfie Ingram Ella Beevers
Work Ethic Matthew Bicknell David Sokoya
Integrity Urussa Malik Isbah Tariq
Professional Standards Sophie Rushworth Theo Collins
Excellence Jack Beevers Victoria Evans