Form time

Teachers are your spiritual parents.

Leaving 6th Form ready is a big part of the Trinity journey and form tutors play a part in making sure students can reflect and assess their own strengths and areas of improvement. There is a weekly form time structure, which includes:

Daily Reflection

A weekly reflection image is available on the VLE.  Students use this as a discussion point during the daily reflection period.  During the reflection period some students consider their faith, while others use it as a 2-minute period where they can de-clutter their minds and focus on the present moment.

Each week there will be an opportunity to discuss and debate particular topics within the news.

Students record their weekly and cumulative attendance figures within their 6th Form note pad and discuss conduct points with their form tutors.

This session supports the work that is carried out in the PPT sessions and is used by students to develop their Unifrog, UCAS or apprenticeship activities.  Students also reflect on their enrichment, leadership and work experience progress.

It is vital that students leave Trinity 6th Form with a belief that they can plan and perform public speaking engagements.  Public speaking is listed as society’s number one fear!  This session is personalised for students so that, in some cases, learning the ability to cope with the anxiety associated with public speaking is progress in itself.  For others, a more progressive approach may be utilised.  The ‘culture’ of the form room and 6th Form as a whole is the most important factor in ensuring students feel supported through this process and feel secure, safe and valued in their presentations.  For the more confident speakers, we host a lecture series called Trinity Talks, whereby external speakers, staff and students have the opportunity to talk about anything they wish in front of a large audience.

Our quizzes are competitive but fun!  Form tutors and students enjoy using online quiz platforms like Kahoot, where students can use their mobile phones or iPads to participate.