N.B. Trinity Sixth Form Academy is represented as Trinity Academy Halifax 6th Form on all performance tables.

In 2019, students at Trinity Academy Halifax 6th Form made almost a third of a grade more progress than students nationally with similar starting points.

APS (Dis) Average Grade (Dis) Value Added (Dis) National Context:
Overall 37.7 (37.3) B- (B-) +0.31 (+0.32) Alps 2
Academic subjects (A-Levels) 35.8 (35.2) B- (B-) +0.21 (+0.17) Top 15% Nationally
Applied General Subjects (L3 BTEC subjects) 40.25 (40.14) D* (D*) +0.56 (+0.52) Top 2% Nationally

Of the 19 institutions in the Calderdale Local Authority, TAH 6th Form (TSFA’s predecessor) finished top on progress.  Disadvantaged students, who make up approximately 25% of the cohort performed remarkably well across all measures, even outperforming non-disadvantaged on overall progress.  Interestingly, students joining TAH 6th Form from schools and academies outside of the Trinity MAT make exceptional levels of progress.  In 2019, these ‘external’ students scored an overall Average Point Score of 40.20, which equates to a grade B overall.  This equates to a Value-Added progress score of +0.94; almost a grade higher that students nationally with similar starting points.







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