Trinity Scholars

The Trinity Scholars programme is truly distinctive in that it enables students to benefit from the best advice, information, opportunities and guidance right through their education, from primary school culminating in their post 16 education.

Additional investment

Trinity Scholars is unashamedly academic and is available exclusively to students that sit in the highest tier of academic attainment at GCSE level. The programme is designed to give maximum exposure to a wide range of experiences, research and academia that facilitates students’ equitable entry into either of the two most competitive and elite programmes: Oxbridge and/or Medical School.

Our initiative offers extensive extra-curricular opportunities that are designed to raise aspirations, embed key skills and secure places.

If students would like to apply for the Scholars programme and live outside of a 6-mile radius of the college, we will reimburse travel up to the cost of £1000.  All Scholars will receive either an IPAD or Laptop to support with their studies.


Trinity Scholars at Primary and Secondary School

The Trinity Scholars Programme can be accessed early at any Trinity Multi Academy Trust institution at both Secondary and Primary Level. The purpose of Trinity Scholars across the different phases of education is to:

  • Raise Aspirations (Primary)
  • Embed Skills (Secondary)
  • Secure Applications (Post-16)

For more information about Trinity Scholars at Primary or Secondary, please contact your child’s academy and ask to speak to the Trinity Scholars programme lead.

Our MAT institutions

Success stories

Jack Beevers

Jack Beevers

Cambridge University
(St John's)

First-class degree in Law

Charlotte Clegg

The Medical School of Newcastle

Ella Beevers

Ella Beevers

Cambridge University (Trinity College)
Modern Medieval Languages

Charlotte Faulkner

Cambridge University
(St John's)


Laura Cullen


Taylor Campbell


Rebekah Garrish


Mathew Grogan

The Medical School of Newcastle

Sam Hill

The Medical School of Leeds

George Rook

Modern and Medieval Languages

Eleanor Aedy

University of Cambridge, Geography

Lewis Mitchell

University of Oxford, History

Ofsted Outstanding Provider
Trinity Scholars

Trinity Scholar students benefit from an additional investment of up to £6000

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