Meet Our Senior Leadership Team

Michael Fitzsimons


The vision for Trinity Sixth Form Academy is to provide the highest quality academic, university feel experience for the young people of Calderdale and beyond. We achieve this through our world class people, systems and the subsequent culture that we collectively create as an academy community. This then allows us to fulfil our shared mission; to develop life ready young people.

Our collective mission at Trinity Sixth Form Academy (TSFA) is to develop life ready young people. For us, that means three educational purposes:

1. The development of the self or subjectification. This is the most important part of a student's journey at TSFA. A life ready learner is a young person that is self-aware and understands their own strengths, areas for improvement and in simple terms; a student who knows what they stand for. Some would talk about values or personal virtues, but at TSFA we have our Professional Standards that we place great emphasis on: Mental Toughness, Attention to Detail, Work Ethic and Integrity. When our students form a sense of self, they are more likely to go on to become happy and successful adults in the future. As educational researcher Gert Biesta would say, "if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything."

2. Second comes the concept of Powerful Knowledge. We expect young people at TSFA to value learning and to seek knowledge. We have a team of subject experts, most of whom are highly qualified to master's degree and PhD levels in their chosen fields. They are there to help students satiate their desire to learn. But as Level 3 learners, in a highly academic institution, students must also strive to become autonomous and independent in their studies. As such we place high importance on cognition, academia and learning. Gaining powerful knowledge is a cornerstone to being life ready at TSFA and I was so pleased when a Year 13 student told me recently that she thought 'it is cool to be intelligent here at TSFA.'

3. Last in our trio is the idea of socialisation, which we achieve through our Civic Virtues. There are six Civic Virtues at TSFA, and they are: Wisdom, Temperance, Justice, Compassion, Service and Courage. You may recognise four of these as Cardinal or Stoic values. We sought advice from our students on this third component of our mission and they were clear that they thought they had an obligation to give something back, whether that be to their family, friends, communities, nations and even on an international stage. We agree with our students and feel that as level three learners, who are in a tier of society academically that is higher than the average, who place high importance on developing a sense of self and gaining powerful knowledge, we should give back. We therefore have high expectations as an academy community to support one another, and to exercise our civic virtues as often as we can.

I am incredibly proud of the culture that we have created as a college community at TSFA. At the time of writing, we are the only institution in the country to be moved from an Ofsted grade 3 to a grade 1, meaning we are outstanding in every area. Because of our success, we have become one of the fastest growing institutions in the country and are on our way to achieving World Class status. Our Trinity Scholars programme is also truly exceptional, and I would encourage you to visit our Trinity Scholars website to find our more.

Miranda Saville

Vice Principal

As an outstanding and highly academic sixth form, here at Trinity, our aim is to create a staff body of expert teachers who deliver consistently high-quality lessons. These lessons then lead to outstanding outcomes for all learners and open more doors to future possibilities.

Part of my role is to support staff in delivering this by providing weekly, effective professional development which is designed to enhance classroom delivery and by encouraging our staff to train as examiners to become specialists in their chosen fields so that the education our students receive is truly ‘world class’.

I am proud to work with a team of dedicated professionals who strive to deliver engaging lessons and who are passionate about their specialisms, many having worked outside of the field of education prior to training as teachers and thus bringing a wealth of ‘real work’ experience into the classroom.

We secure excellence in the classroom by delivering professional development that is rooted in research and based around the latest pedagogies in the Science of Learning. As a result, metacognition sits at the heart of our curriculum mapping and lesson planning in order to create autonomous, independent learners who are truly, ‘life ready’.

Joe Palmer

Assistant Principal

It is essential that every student feels safe and supported when attending sixth form in order to achieve their full potential and leave us life ready.

At Trinity Sixth Form Academy, it is our priority to ensure that our students fully participate and benefit from our successful learning environment. As such, we expect all students to display outstanding behaviour and a positive attitude towards all staff, students and the wider community.

My role as Associate Assistant Principal for culture is to work with the academy’s extensive pastoral team to ensure all students feel supported and thrive whilst with us. We endeavour to maintain high levels of student attendance by consistently rewarding students who meet or exceed our expectations and promote the sixth form's professional standards and civic virtues. It is the role of my team to challenge student’s expectations of themselves and to take the necessary actions to ensure positive changes learnt by students become a habit.

We will ensure that our systems remain inclusive and focus on the personal and professional development of all our students to achieve the maximum possible, regardless of their background, ethnicity, gender, special educational need or social challenges.

Mrs Jayne Golding-Smith

Vice Principal

Enabling students to access a wide and varied course offer, which opens doors to further opportunities, is a key part of my role.

I am proud to work with our talented middle leadership team who support me to innovatively shape our curriculum planning, staffing, timetable and the structure of the academic year. Together we ensure that the progress of students is monitored closely and work with a wider team to facilitate appropriate interventions. The dedication of this team of practitioners, who strive relentlessly to ensure that all students have access to 'world-class' provision, day-in, day-out, ensures that our ‘life ready learners’ are equipped with strong outcomes, opening doors to a wide range of opportunities and careers.

Lucy Smith

Associate Assistant Principal

As safeguarding and SEND lead, my role is to ensure that students are fully supported during their time at TSFA, and ensure they have every opportunity to succeed.

As Associate Assistant Principal for safeguarding and SEND; I am the Designated Safeguarding Lead. Some of my responsibilities include the development, review and implementation of the College’s Safeguarding, Prevent and online safety policies students. It is essential that every child feels safe and supported when attending college in order to achieve their full potential. We are proud to offer a range of support for our students and work closely with a range of external support services to ensure we meet our students’ needs.

All our students will be challenged, inspired and supported in equal measure, ensuring access and success in our array of course options. I work closely with an experienced SENDCo to ensure that all students have access to opportunities which allow them to succeed and achieve their aspirations to progress to employment or higher education.

Katy Ryan

Associate Assistant Principal

To ensure our students become life ready, it is essential that we offer all our students a board and balanced wider curriculum programme that allows multiple opportunities to learn and develop beyond the core curriculum.

As part of my role at Trinity Sixth Form I work collaboratively with the staff and student body to ensure we provide multiple opportunities for our students to truly become life ready.

Our wider curriculum programme incorporates our very successful Trinity+ programme which all students will have on their timetable. Through a dedicated weekly lesson with their personal progress tutor, students will be actively encouraged to inhabit the professional standards and civic virtues which lie at the heart of this academy. Students will also develop valuable employability skills during these sessions and will be actively supported to achieve their future aspirations.

Our Trinity Enrich and Trinity Trips programmes allows our students a multitude of clubs, opportunities and trips to get involved with to ensure they have many valuable learning experiences outside of the classroom. Engaging with these programmes really is where students get the best opportunity to up skill and grow/develop as a person. Often it is these programmes where our students will create many lasting fond memories of their time at TSFA. This is an area of education that I am very proud to be a part of.

Claire Whitworth

Associate Assistant Principal

As Associate Assistant Principal for Careers and Aspirations, my role is to ensure all students are provided with the highest quality careers education, information, advice and guidance to enable them to make informed decisions about their next steps after College.

We endeavour to provide students with a range of opportunities to meet with and learn from universities representatives, industry professionals and employers through their time with us, inspiring them to explore all possible pathways available to them.

My team and I are proud to support our students through researching opportunities, application processes and interview preparation and strive to equip all our students with the knowledge and skills to progress to sustained, personally valued destinations.

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