Curriculum Overview

Trinity Sixth Form Academy is passionate about, and dedicated to, ensuring that all our students meet their full potential. In practice this means we work hard to adapt the curriculum, provide individual support and targeted interventions throughout the academic year to ensure students achieve their desired outcomes.

The academy is committed to providing an inclusive education that provides an ethos, environment and culture that is sympathetic to and understanding of the issues involved in providing a fair and appropriate education for students with special educational needs or disability. In order to achieve a fully inclusive education we aim to:

· Wherever possible educate children and young people in a mainstream setting.

· Value equally all students who attend Trinity Sixth Form Academy.

· Highlight that all teachers at Trinity Sixth Form Academy are teachers of students with special educational needs

· Differentiate so that all students have access to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum that meets their needs

· Take into account the views of the student.

· Work in a partnership with parents/carers in promoting a culture of co-operation. Support the work of the Local Authority and external providers so that the child’s full potential can be reached.