Pupil Leadership Group

Our Pupil Leadership Group (PLG) is a valuable opportunity for students to become members of one of our five committees – Earthshot, Physical Health, Mental Health, Charity and Diversity. All Year 12 students will have the opportunity to apply for our PLG during the winter term. Being part of our PLG is classed as a ‘Going for Gold’ Enrichment which is one of our highest of three enrichment levels.

Our PLG is headed up by our Head Students and Deputy Head Students. Becoming Head and Deputy Head student is a prestigious title at TSFA. Our Year 12 PLG members will be able to run for head/deputy head student in the summer term as part of our Hustings assembly. PLG members will pitch their leadership pledges to the rest of the student body to prove they are worthy candidates. The whole student and staff body then vote for their chosen leaders, and the winning pair are announced once the votes have been collated.

Being part of our PLG enables students to positively contribute to not only the running of Sixth Form, but to the outreach work for the wider community. A big part of our TSFA culture is our Civic Virtues, which require us to give something back to society. Being part of our PLG also enables students to demonstrate key skills required in the wider world of education and employment, as well as being an impressive addition to a student’s Personal Statement or CV.

Head Student

Provide support and leadership to all committees.

Current Head Students are:-

Maya Mistry and Madusan Ithayarasa

Current Deputy Head Students are:

Heidi-Jo Wood and Matthew Elam


Year Head Student Head Student
2023-2024 Maya Mistry Madusan Ithayarasa
2022-2023 Maddie Tasker Harvey Gill
2021-2022 Gulay Maharamzade Connor Mackrill
2020-2021 Ella Highley James Addison
2019-2020 Natalie Chamunorwa Saif Malik
2018-2019 Ella Berry Ethan Clarke

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