Trinity+ Intent

Pivotal to our mission of developing ‘life ready learners’ is Trinity+, which encompasses much of our wider curriculum offer.  Through a dedicated weekly lesson with their personal progress tutor, students will be actively encouraged to inhabit the professional standards and civic virtues which lie at the heart of this academy.

Complimentary to our core curriculum there remains a consistent focus on developing powerful knowledge of PSHCE and aspirations so that students are ready for their chosen next steps.  It is our intent that this lesson will not only deliver our personal development programme but will allow time for students to have mentoring conversations with appropriate careers, well-being and academic staff in order to facilitate both reflection on current performance as well as setting next steps in order to achieve future goals.

Alongside this bespoke approach to personal development, the lesson provides an excellent opportunity for us to further upskill our students in areas such as literacy, public speaking and interview skills;  key elements identified as requisite by future employers. Ultimately, underpinning Trinity + is our desire to build active citizens who contribute positively to society and who can respond to challenge.  Trinity + creates an opportunity for us to do this in a way that fosters self confidence and belief so that our students are truly life ready.

Ofsted Outstanding Provider
Trinity Scholars

Trinity Scholar students benefit from an additional investment of up to £6000

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