Graduation Programme

When students join Year 12 they are enrolled onto our Graduation Programme. By achieving a set of specific criteria, they are able to graduate into Year 13 with confidence and knowledge of their strengths and areas for improvement. Students must work towards four graduation criteria which are centred around:

  • Attendance and punctuality
  • Professional conduct
  • Trinity Enrich
  • Work experience
  • Progress towards target grade

Every student tracks their progress weekly through self-appraisal, completed during their Trinity+ session. This is then analysed by their Personal Progress Tutor (PPT) and feeds into our termly Celebration Assemblies. At the end of the academic year, we have a Graduation Celebration, in which students who have met or surpassed the criteria, are celebrated in front of their teachers and peers.

Whilst of course academic attainment is crucial, the Graduation Programme emphasises the importance of holistic, individual development. It is our opportunity to celebrate students for their qualities and virtues, and requires them to get involved in activities outside of the classroom.

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