Apply for Trinity Scholars

Eligibility for Trinity Scholars

  • GCSE APS = 8+
  • Year 11 Application to TSFA by February (in year 11)
  • Exemplary school report or reference
  • Letter of application explaining why you should be considered for the programme
  • Selection of an all A-Level Pathway*

*Specific degree courses will require specific A-Levels. It would be compulsory that the A-Level pathway matched the university course requirements.

Limited places are available on the Trinity Scholars programme at TSFA.

Application Process

  • You can apply online
  • Places will be conditional dependant on you achieving the correct GCSE grades for your programme.
  • If the programme is right for you, our Trinity Scholars team will offer you a place on the associated programme (Oxbridge or The School of Medicine) during Term 1 of Year 12.
  • You will then become an official student of the TSFA Trinity Scholars programme.
Ofsted Outstanding Provider
Trinity Scholars

Trinity Scholar students benefit from an additional investment of up to £6000

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